Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Common Questions page. We have selected a list of the most common questions asked to our staff, If your question is not listed below, feel free to call our friendly team on (07) 3210 0890 during business hours. Thanks for choosing Casino Pawnbrokers.
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What is your interest rate?

20% simple interest per month and every part there of.

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How long is the loan for?

The initial loan is for 3 months but you are able to extend it for as long as you like by making monthly interest payments.

Are there any additional fees?

There are absolutely no additional fees or hidden charges when you deal with Casino Pawnbrokers.

Is my item safe while with you?

YES! We have full security surveillance as well as multiple top grade heavy duty safes where all items are stored. Every item is also fully ensured the moment we take possession of it.

What if I can't pick my item up?

If your item is not redeemed within 4 months, it will be sent to auction and sold.

What ID do I need in order to get a loan?

We require photo ID & proof of address.

Please Make Sure You Can Reach 100 Points For Quick & Easy Service
Primary Documents – 70 Points
  • Birth Certificate
  • Birth Card issued by a Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Current Passport
  • Expired Passport that was valid with the last 2 years
Secondary Documents – 40 Points
  • Drivers Licence (with photo)
  • Account Statement from an authorised deposit taking institute such as a bank, building society or credit union
  • Written reference from an authorised deposit taking institute (who can confirm you as a customer of at least 12 months)
  • Public sector employee identification card
  • Identification card issued by a Commonwealth, State or Territory Government (e.g Healthcare Card, 18+ Card)
  • Identification card issued by a Tertiary institute
Secondary Documents – 35 Points
  • Local government land tax or rates notice
  • Land Titles Office
  • Document from the Credit Reference Association of Australia/li>
Secondary Documents – 25 Points (Must have name and signature)
  • Medicare Card
  • Credit Card
  • Foreign Drivers Licence
  • Marriage Certificate
  • EFTPOS Card
  • NRMA, RAC, RACQ, RACV Membership Card
  • Record of professional or trade association membership (must also show birth date)
Secondary Documents – 25 Points (Must have name and address)
  • Document issued by the Australian Electoral Commission
  • Utility Bill (e.g Electricity, water, phone, gas)
  • Lease or rent agreement
  • Rental receipt issued by a licensed Real Estate Agent

How do you establish the value of my item?

We have knowledgable & experienced staff qualified to assess your jewellery and offer you a fair and reasonable loan amount.

What items do you loan on?

We buy items that contain gold, silver, platinum, diamonds or other precious stones such as:

Damaged, old or even new Jewellery
Old & Estate jewellery from family
Diamond & Engagement Rings (damaged or otherwise)
Earrings (doesn’t matter if you have lost one)
BanglesRings/Jewellery with gems/diamonds etc
Tooth fillings (gold)
Wedding bands
Items which include gold in manufacture
Broken, bent, tangled or unwanted pieces
Gold & Silver Bullion
Gold Coins
Items with missing stones
Old gold watches
(we remove the movement and only weigh the case and band)


If your item isn’t on this list – please contact us – it may be worth something

How much is my Gold worth?

This is calculated on;

Gold content
Weight of gold plus
Current gold prices.

We will weigh and evaluate your gold and explain its value.

There are no fees or hidden costs.

How much is my jewellery worth?

This will depend on its quality, precious metal content and stones.

Diamonds are worth a lot more than other precious stones and we pay a premium for quality diamonds.

Silver is not worth nearly as much as gold, but dependant on the piece may be of some exchange value.

It is difficult if you are inexperienced to appraise jewellery so we invite you to visit us so we can give you an idea of what your items are worth. You are also most welcome to call us, however in most cases we need to see the piece to determine its proper value.

We have been jewellers for over 30 years and are very experienced and knowledgeable in valuing all kinds of jewellery, so you can be assured of receiving a correct valuation.

Do you buy gemstones?

The most common gemstone we pay for is diamonds – but we do look for good quality gemstones.

It they are of poor quality unfortunately we will not be able to make an offer. We do pay a premium for quality diamonds though.

For other gemstones, it is dependent on what it is and again its quality, so we would love to see you in-store or contact us to let us know what you have and we will advise you if it is of any value.


How much will I be paid?

For gold you need to consider that it is an international traded commodity with its price varying on a daily basis. In addition the price of the Australian Dollar is also instrumental in the final worth of gold on the Australian market. The good news is gold continues its record high prices!

Please also remember that your jewellery will not be all gold. Different carats yield different ratios of gold, as per below, and set stones weight must also be deducted;

9ct gold      37.5% gold

14ct gold    58.3% gold

18ct gold    75% gold

22ct gold    90% gold

24ct gold    100% gold

The rest of the weight is made up of alloys and in Australia most people prefer the look of gold mixed with alloys so 22ct or 24ct gold is on the rarer side.

We will carefully check each piece of jewellery and expertly determine the quality of the gold and pay accordingly.

It has come to our attention, through customers, that at some of the gold parties*, mistakes (deliberate or otherwise) have been made in determining what gold you have. For example, paying 9ct price for 10ct or even in one case, 18ct gold.

Please note that we do buy silver but it is not worth nearly as much as gold.

Why do you buy jewellery and not just gold like other places?

Because we are jewellers we are able to expertly apprise all sorts of items – not just gold.

Quite often people are quickly trained to look at gold but have no idea about anything else nor the interest in jewellery like we have.

What jewellery don’t you buy?

While there is a lot we can buy, there is some we cannot, as they are worth little or nothing.

What we don’t buy:

Costume Jeweller
Stainless steel (for example watches
Anything rusty (gold or silver doesn’t rust!)
Silver plate

Please note that you will need a lot of heavy silver items to receive a reasonable return.

The Pawnbroking Process

Visit Our Store In The Brisbane CBD
We Appraise Your Items On Offer
We Verify Your 100 Points Of I.D
We Make You An Instant Cash Offer
Repay The Loan & We Return Your Valuables